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Torn Pages

...where the quill breaks and the ink bleeds through...

Lost, as a wanderer, still unsure of her destiny drawn--if at all--among the stars. Connecting the illuminated celestials in the heavens, they all turn out to be unseen paths and ambiguous journeys. In the midst of it all, she stands in her given place, still searching...wondering where it all ends up. What it all means. If anything truly exists at all. She keeps moving forward, step by step, kissed by the light of the moon; for it is in darkness she feels most safe, away from sight, without anyone to know her. She stands in the back, still searching for herself, yet willingly, opens arms to others on her same path.

~The Ink that Does not Bleed Through...

Life's tiny joys.

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books, drama..., utada hikaru's music, volunteer work (my life)